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Why Should I Hire an Attorney When I Cannot Sue Under Workers Compensation Law?

You may have been working when you sustained injuries in an accident, but that does not necessarily mean the negligence of your employer or a co-worker caused the accident. Perhaps a third party caused your injuries. A Brooklyn workers comp attorney, who also has experience in the area of personal injury law, can help determine if you have grounds to file a claim against any parties with no direct relationship to your employer.

Workers compensation protects workers and employers alike, specifically because it ignores liability issues when determining benefits for injured employees. As explained by the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board, the benefit that a claimant receives is not decreased by his/her recklessness, nor increased by an employer’s fault. The liability limitation actually helps ensure workers receive compensation for workplace injuries with a minimum of effort in most cases.

However, many workers do not realize they may have additional legal options when negligence by a third party causes their injuries, as in the following examples:

• A worker sustains severe burns due to contact with a live wire left exposed by a visiting electrical contractor

• Heavy factory equipment malfunctions after repairs performed by a local repair shop, causing injuries from flying parts

• A lab worker suffers a chronic respiratory illness after long-term on-the-job exposure to certain chemicals

While these situations typically qualify victims for workers compensation benefits, an experienced workers comp attorney in Brooklyn may advise you of your right to file a claim that holds negligent third parties liable, as well.

If you sustain on-the-job injuries, it costs nothing to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced attorney at Bisogno & Meyerson, LLC to discuss the details of your accident. We fully assess your case to determine if you can take additional legal action in addition to your workers compensation claim.