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While advances in the field of medicine are responsible for curing diseases, extending lives and bringing hope, medicine and medical professionals are not infallible. Rapid advances in procedures and techniques and the ever-expanding availability of new drugs mean that doctors, surgeons, obstetricians, anesthesiologists, radiologists, pharmacists, nurses and medical technicians are under constant pressure to stay abreast of changes. Add to that the changes in insurance and healthcare law, and mistakes are happening — mistakes that cause serious harm to patients.

At Bisogno & Meyerson, LLP, we believe as you do: that when you put your trust in medical professionals, they are expected to uphold the highest professional standards. Yet according to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, an independent organization dedicated to providing “unbiased, authoritative healthcare advice to decision makers and the public,” as many as 98,000 Americans die each year as the result of preventable medical errors, and many more suffer serious harm.

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What constitutes medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice can be an act of either commission, meaning something the medical professional did do, such as amputating the wrong leg — or omission, something the medical professional failed to do, such as missing a diagnosis of cancer. In either case, if a breach of duty or failure to meet the standard of care has occurred and has caused harm to you or a member of your family, the healthcare provider or facility can be held liable.

We Are Very Experienced Lawyers In All Types Of Medical Negligence Cases. The Reasons for many medical malpractice claims include:

  • Organ Puncture or Perforation
  • Bowel Perforation
  • Spinal Cord Injuries in Surgery
  • Failed Cataract Surgery
  • Gastric Bypass Malpractice
  • Gall Bladder Surgery Errors
  • Bowel Obstructions
  • Nerve Injuries
  • Retained Surgical Devices
  • Prescription Drug Malpractice
  • Failure to Administer Medication
  • Equipment Failure
  • Mismanagement of Cellulitis
  • Emergency Room (ER) Errors
  • Recovery Room Errors
  • Sepsis
  • Bed Sores
  • Failure to recognize Seizures
  • Hospital Falls
  • Improper Use of Forceps
  • Failure to Recognize Fetal Distress
  • Pregnancy Induced Hyper-Tension
  • Gynecological Malpractice
  • Pregnancy Induced Hyper-Tension
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Brain Injuries from Birth
  • c-section Injuries
  • Birth injuries of all Types

When a Brooklyn attorney from Bisogno & Meyerson, LLP helps you file a claim for medical malpractice, we do so with the intent of getting you the greatest compensation possible for your current and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of wages, and other reasonable and appropriate damages.

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Medical malpractice cases are complex and require experienced legal representation. Our lawyers are skilled negotiators and trial-tested litigators who have helped people throughout New York who suffered harm as the result of medical negligence. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs, please contact us online or call us at 718.745.0880. Home and hospital visits can be arranged.

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Get Financial Compensation For The Injuries Resulting From Your Medical Malpractice Case

  • Hospitalization
  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages, income, and future earning capacity
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Emotional Distress
  • Permanent disability or Temporary Disability or
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Loss of Consortium ( the deprivation of the benefits of a family relationship due to injuries caused by a third party

Our Personal Injury Law Firm Represents Seriously Medical Malpractice Victims throughout Brooklyn, Staten Island, and NYC.

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The Bisogno & Meyerson Law Firm handles the most complicated personal injury and worker’s compensation accident cases and claims, that we file on behalf of seriously injured New Yorkers’ who have suffered paralysis, head & brain injuries, bone fractures, leg, and arm injuries, and unfortunately, wrongful death. Our catastrophic injury law firm has accident lawyers with the medical experience to handle complicated and sophisticated serious disabling Medical Malpractice injury cases.

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At Bisogno & Meyerson, LLP, we give you 100 percent of our attention, consideration and effort, 100 percent of the time. And that is how we plan to get you 100 percent of the compensation you deserve when you or a loved one has been injured as the result of someone else’s negligence or reckless behavior. To schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled medical malpractice attorneys, please contact us online or call us at 718.745.0880. We arrange Home or hospital visits. All of our injury malpractice cases are taken on a contingency fee basis— so if we don’t win your case, you don’t pay a dime! That’s our guarantee to you! Our medical malpractice lawyers speak Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

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