Construction Accident Case Results

Case Results – Construction Accidents

The Following is a representative sample of our hundreds of Construction accident settlements & verdicts:

  • $3.25 million dollar settlement for injured union carpenter;
  • $300,000 settlement for injured union carpenter who fell off a ladder;
  • $280,000 settlement for union painter injured while working;
  • $122,5000 settlement for union worker when he was read-ended by another motor vehicle;
  • A union-employed construction worker fell into a ditch while operating a wheelbarrow. The ditch was not properly supported and collapsed on him. He sustained injuries to his neck, back and shoulder. Award: $1.85 Million
  • Construction worker tripped and fell on the job site. He sustained injuries to his shoulder. Award: $485,000
  • A 34-year-old non-union electrician fell from a ladder and suffered a knee injury. Initially misdiagnosed, the injury did not heal properly, even after multiple surgeries. Our medical experts found that he had suffered permanent nerve damage to the knee. Award: $10.6 million
  • During three weeks of trial, Bisogno & Meyerson, LLC represented two workers who were badly burned by the chemicals used in the concrete they were handling. Award: $2.5 million
  • A 34-year-old man who was a steam fitter was working on a ladder on a New York City School
    Construction Authority project when the ladder gave way and the plaintiff struck the ground. As a result of the fall, Plaintiff sustained shoulder, knee and cervical injuries which required multiple surgical procedures. Case settled during a pending Summary Judgment motion. Award: $2.3 million
  • While working as a welder, a 45-year-old man was injured when he fell 13-16 feet off of a high-low when it was moved out from underneath him, causing him to hit the ground. He suffered a left orbital blowout fracture requiring surgical intervention, fracture of his left ulna and radius, along with various other injuries. Award: $1 million
  • A 45-year-old carpenter, working at an Upper East Side luxury housing site, was standing on a stepladder and injured his back. He also suffered severe depression from the inability to work, as well as excruciating back pain. Award: $985,000
  • While putting up sheetrock using a six-foot A-frame ladder, a 46-year-old man fell off of the ladder due to uneven flooring. As a result of the fall, he sustained injuries to his back, chest and left arm. The case settled immediately before the trial. Award: $985,000
  • Plaintiff was working as a construction worker on a project rebuilding an overpass on the Southern State Parkway. A co-worker attempted to lower a concrete form to Plaintiff when the railing above him collapsed. The concrete form struck the Plaintiff and pinned him on the ground. As a result, he sustained bulging discs in his neck and lower back. A Court of Claims Judge awarded $865,000.
  • At a construction site for an auto dealership, a worker taping sheetrock sustained a scaffold injury. He fell when the unsecured scaffold he was standing on suddenly shifted. The 48-year-old laborer suffered a shoulder injury and both of his knees were damaged. Award: $775,000
  • A 41-year-old elevator mechanic was injured on a NYCHA project in Brooklyn. There was no protective netting in place in the elevator shaft to protect workers below from falling objects. He was struck in the eye by the butt of a falling screwdriver. He suffers a partial loss of vision and color blindness. Award: $660,000
  • Plaintiff was a 53-year-old construction mechanic who was installing lights when he slipped and fell from an aluminum ladder due to the ladder’s lack of rubber footings for traction. Case settled after a ruling of the Appellate Division 2nd Department. Award: $410,000