Vehicle Rollovers in Brooklyn, Staten Island and Throughout New York

Nearly 40 percent of all rollover accidents lead to serious injury

Rollover accidents may occur because of excessive speed, tripping (when a vehicle slides sideways and hits a curb, for instance), car collisions or going across a slope with a grade of 33 percent or more. Vehicles with higher profiles — SUVs and 4-wheel-drive pickups — are especially susceptible to rollover accidents.

Whether it was a case of faulty design, tire blowout or negligence by another driver, if you have been injured in a rollover, the Brooklyn car accident lawyers at Bisogno & Meyerson, LLP can help you recover the damages you suffered and can help families in the event of wrongful death. The severity of the injuries associated with rollovers can mean a lifetime of needs, including future medical expenses, extensive physical and occupational therapy, psychological counseling, and more. We make sure that you get the compensation required to provide for your needs and those of your family.

Avoiding rollovers

Whether you drive a standard sedan, an SUV, a sports car, a van or a pickup truck, there are steps you can take to prevent rollovers and minimize your chance of sustaining a serious injury:

  • Slow down – The faster you’re driving, the more likely a rollover is to be severe. In fact, up to 40 percent of all rollover fatalities involve speeding.
  • Check your tires – Worn tires and tires that are not inflated to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications can contribute to rollover accidents.
  • Be especially careful on rural highways – Up to 75 percent of rollover accidents happen on rural roads and highways where the indicated speed limit is 55 miles per hour or higher.
  • Keep loads low and centered – Those vehicles with higher profiles, such as 4-wheel-drive SUVs and pickups, are already more prone to rollovers; but even standard passenger cars can be susceptible when heavy loads are placed on the roof. A rule of thumb is to keep the heavy cargo on the floor and as close to the center of the vehicle as possible.
  • Make sure everybody is wearing their seatbelts – Fatalities and some of the most serious injuries occur when the driver or passenger is ejected from the vehicle during a rollover. Not only is wearing a seatbelt one of the most basic ways to ensure safety in any vehicle, it is the law.

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