Motor Vehicle Accident Case Results

Case Results — Motor Vehicle Accidents

The Following is a representative sample of our hundreds of motor vehicle accident settlements & verdicts:

  • $227,000 settlement for man hit by bicycle delivery man;
  • $122,5000 settlement for union worker when he was read-ended by another motor vehicle;
  • While at a stoplight in Queens, a 25-year-old construction worker was rear-ended while riding in his sister’s car. His knee injuries required two surgeries. The verdict significantly exceeded the policy limits of $250,000. Award: $915,000
  • A 12-year-old girl walking home from school was struck by a school bus that did not properly yield. She suffered a compound fracture to her leg, a broken jaw and a shoulder injury. After an extended hospital stay, she also had to have her mouth wired shut for over a month. The jury found the school board 80 percent liable for her injuries. A settlement was reached before a jury could deliberate. Award: $750,000
  • A 45-year-old man was driving injured when he was involved in a motor vehicle accident. He suffered a back injury requiring surgery to fuse the vertebrae together, two posterior herniations of the discs located in his cervical spine and various other back injuries. Case settled during jury deliberations. Award: $475,000
  • A 67-year-old woman was injured while she was exiting a vehicle pulled off to the side of the road, when the vehicle was rear-ended. She suffered injuries to her right knee, which required surgery. Case was settled after a liability verdict. Award: $150,000
  • While lawfully crossing the street at a crosswalk, a 33-year-old pedestrian was injured when she was struck by a vehicle. She suffered a fracture to her left leg. Case settled after Jury Selection. Award: $80,000